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Established in 2002, the Law Offices of Thomas D. Kennedy in Lowell, Massachusetts serves its clients in criminal law, motor vehicle infractions, and landlord disputes (landlord/tenant law). Thomas Kennedy has 27 distinguished years in local law enforcement, so he has the long-earned experience needed to understand your legal matter in ways most attorneys don't. While in law enforcement, Thomas Kennedy represented the police department in criminal prosecutions.

We help clients when they've been in trouble with the law, need help with a motor vehicle infraction, or have a problem with a landlord or tenant. If you need a lawyer in Lowell to help with a criminal matter, car accident, or other motor vehicle infraction, Thomas Kennedy can help you today -- an attorney that cares about your situation. And has the experience to make sure you're getting the highest quality legal representation available.

We also represent landlords in landlord/tenant matters.

We serve both individuals and businesses in these legal matters in an efficient and effective manner throughout the greater Lowell, MA area. Thomas Kennedy is an affordable lawyer you can count on.

Help Not Being Found Dangerous

Being found “dangerous” pursuant to § 58A is an extremely serious potential consequence for defendants criminally charged with a qualifying offense because it may result in a 120 day detention period. If you or a loved one has been charged with such an offense and the Commonwealth is moving for dangerousness, you will need an experienced and dedicated attorney to represent you.

Read about the value of not being found 'dangerous'...

Right to Carry

In March 2022, Attorney Kennedy defended his client's right to be licensed to carry a firearm in Tewksbury.

"My client had his license to carry a firearm suspended as the result of a restraining order that was taken out against him. When a license holder is a defendant on a restraining order, his license to carry a firearm has to be suspended as a matter of law. Once the order was vacated, the Chief of police refused to reinstate the license, as he felt my client was no longer a suitable candidate to hold a license. This was a discretionary suspension. At trial, we proved that the Chief's decision was arbitrary and capricious and that the license to carry should be reinstated."
-- Thomas Kennedy, Esq.

The Court agreed with Attorney Kennedy, and his client's firearm license was reinstated.

Read about this case in an article that appeared in Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly.

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