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Everyday millions of Americans take the risk of a motor vehicle accident while driving to work, running errands around town, or shuttling their kids to local practice. While most people feel safe while driving, a car accident can occur at any time, in any place, even while you're paying attention.

The results of an accident can range from anything from a minor inconvenience to serious personal injury, disability, or even death. In such situations it is often advisable to hire a seasoned personal injury like Thomas Kennedy who can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Personal Injury Lawyer Thomas Kennedy Can Help

Attorney Thomas Kennedy has over a decade of experience practicing law and during that time has gained a solid reputation among his peers in the Lowell legal community for being a highly knowledgeable and effective personal injury litigator. Among clients, he is known as a compassionate counselor and zealous advocate who understands and appreciates how legal issues are often inseparable from personal ones.

A car accident can involve nearly any vehicle on the roadway, including motorcycles, trucks, buses -- even bicycles and pedestrians. At the Law Offices of Thomas Kennedy, we have handled cases involving all types of vehicles and all types of injuries. We are prepared to carry every case to a conclusion and will never back down from insurance companies.

Motorcycle accidents tend to be very serious in nature. In fact, most of them result in brutal injuries such as brain damage, amputation, disability and even wrongful death. More often than not, the motorcyclist is not even the one at fault. If you have suffered serious motorcycle crash injuries, we can prepare and develop a strong case designed to secure the compensation you and your family need to make as complete a recovery as possible.

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